30 July, 2010


One day in Nitra - lovely city in Western Slovakia.

Spravili sme si malý výletík do Nitry :)

14 July, 2010


Our last sop on the way to Bratislava were Košice - a hard of Eastern Slovakia :)

Naša posledná zástavka na ceste do Bratislavy boli Košice - srdce východného Slovenska :)

13 July, 2010

Kiev - Ukraine

In our rush to make it on time back home for Danka's and Hojso's wedding we could stop in Ukraine only in Kiev but we know for sure we want to come back to Ukraine again and for much longer!

06 July, 2010


Those pix are from Michael and Melanie from Deutschland. So please no credit to us :)

19 June, 2010


Our Mongolian dream trip is over but we have millions of pictures to remember it forever. Mongolia is just non-describable - you just have to come and see it!

We have 3 more weeks in front of us. We are taking train to Moscow and then another train trough Kiev to Slovakia. With some stopovers (Lake Baikal) we have still many things to see so stay with us :)

23 May, 2010

Beijing and the great Great Wall

End of our China trip - more than one week in Beijing (yes, we know it's too long in such a crazy place, but we simply got stuck in this nice but huuuuuuge city :-) ) - plus a day trip to less touristy parts of the Great Wall. Big thanks to Jose, Libuša and Franto for helping us to survive in that crazy city :-D

Naša čínska cesta bola zavŕšená (pre nás až) dlhodobým pobytom v Pekingu, odkiaľ sme si urobili jednodňový výletík, resp. túru k Veľkému Čínskemu múru.

21 May, 2010

Sichuan & Shaanxi

Observing giant pandas, joining tourist crowds visiting terracotta warriors and climbing holly mountain - that's about all we did in those few days in Sichuan & Shaanxi provinces.

Pandičky, terakotoví bojovníci, posvätná hora a kopec činskych turistov - to bolo našich pár dní v Sičuáne a Šánxi.

14 May, 2010

Yunnan - China

We spent our first days in China in amazing Yunnan province. In those first days we realized that China is nice welcoming country full of smiling people willing to help. Of course English is not big here but with hands and written main sentences you can get around easily :)

20 April, 2010


Just make a coffee for yourself, sit down and watch our 180 shots from magnificent Viet Nam! :)

28 March, 2010


Laos, once the Kingdom of Lan Xang or "Land of a Million Elephants" is one of the most spectacular countries we visited on our trip. We expected to see one of the poorest county in the region but thanks to the reforms (yes, done by communists!) and enormous increase in tourism (from 14,400 tourists visiting Laos in 1990, to 1.4 million in 2007) Laos is changing really fast. Electricity is reaching village by village, all the main roads are paved, the prices in high profile destinations are rising and the most common car is Toyota Hilux 4x4! Fortunately not the whole country seems to be not spoiled too much with all the tourists (like Thailand). It's still great to travel around and visit the cultural centres, colourful tribes or jump on one of the old noisy river boats :)

02 March, 2010


Thailand the land of smiles (ok Myanmar should gain this superlative) has been fun from beginning to end - from sea to metropolitan Bangkok up to hills. We've been there twice, but may come back third time...

Thajsko - krajina úsmevov (hoci tento prívlastok si právom zaslúži skôr Mjanmar...) bola úžasná od začiatku do konca a od mora cez metropolitný Bangkok až po hory. Boli sme tu dva krát a možno sa ešte raz zastavíme :)

19 February, 2010

Myanmar (Burma)

The bestest 28 days of our journey (so far). Myanmar has the loveliest people on the world with amazing honest smile :).

During our trip we did our best to give as least $ as possible to not support the greedy fat generals who rules the country. In the end we realized that our way of traveling is not the cash cow for them but the 60+ European package holidayers who sleep in govt hotels and travel with govt tourist agency...

Ok - enough politics, enjoy the pixs :)

Photos: Stanka, Martin and Polko

24 January, 2010


Jungle trekking in Gunung Leuser National Park - last refuge spots for Sumatran Orangutans - and New Year on Lake Toba.


Four stops on our way home. Colonial Malacca and Penang, busy Kuala Lumpur and Christmas on peaceful Langkawi Island. Than just short speed bod ride to Sumatra but that's on another post ;)