21 July, 2009



We didn't have much time to say goodbye to you, but maybe it's because we will have one more chance. The truth is, it was really tough to escape from New Zealand ;)
Huuuuuuge THANKS for all your support, help, hugs, smiles and gifts. You won't be forgotten never-ever and that is also why you made it to this spam email from the roads :)

You wouldn't believe it, but after all the chaos before leaving New Zealand, we didn't miss our flight and made it to SAMOA at the end :) So you definitely won't see us - troublemakers - for next couple of months.
We are in Samoa almost 1 week, but all what we managed so far was to get on one of the colourful local buses (btw. Orange is still missing here), heading to most beautiful and charming place on south-east coast of Upolu Island, called Lalomanu; found our romantic beach fale (small basic hut made from wood and palm leaves) just 10m from the sea; done lots and lots of reading, swimming or snorkelling around coral reefs; walked to nearest village to admire their slow, laid-back lifestyle and to speak to locals, especially saying hello to kids; eaten Samoan specialities each evening (we've even broken our strict vegetarian diet and tried the yummy dead fish here); had fun on fiafia (traditional dance performance, fire-show together with singing) and last but not least we slept 10 hours a day. What a tropical paradise! :)
Last 2 days we were already bored with doing nothing, so we had to come to the city - Apia and find the internet café. Addiction after being online 24/7 last 2 years :)))
Today we are meeting our Czech friends Jana & Lukas from Dunedin, renting a car together and going all around the islands. Finally doing bit of travelling. Till now we were more lazy tourists than truly backpackers. For this simple reason, we will bring you more stories and pictures about Samoa in our next email.


Stanka & Polko

>>> photos here :)

02 July, 2009

Howick Historical Village

Skanzen v Howicku raz do mesiaca oziva vdaka mozstvu milych dobrovolnikov preoblecenych do dobovych kostymov. Postavicky ako vystrihnute z rozpravky. Je to uzasne divadlo, vdaka ktoremu sa prenesiete do konca 19 storocia.

We explored gardens and buildings in a Fencible settlement during the 1840 to 1880 period. There are over thirty original colonial buildings collected on site, including schools, a church, forge, liquor and general store. Cottages look as though family members have just stepped outside for a moment. Lovely and friendly volunteers in period costumes create the atmosphere of fairytale. Worth to visit (each 3rd Sunday in a month) while you are in Auckland :)